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Olivine Mountain


ASP 14 Showing

The Asp 14 Showing – and selected samples from the showing report 2 – 4% copper. One sample was collected, confirming the presence of significant contents copper, gold and palladium and anomalous contents of platinum, nickel and cobalt

The Asp Showing

The Asp showing – reports 3.51% copper and 11 ppm silver over a sample width of 3.4 meters.

The Hop Showing

selected sample of high-grade chalcopyrite stringer assayed 23.0 grams per tonne gold, 89.5 grams per tonne silver and 7.49 percent copper.

Olivine Mountain Project Gallery

SOIL GEOCHEMical Compilation map

Olivine Mountain Project
Similkameen Mining Division
British Columbia

Regional Location MAp

Similkameen Mining Division
British Columbia

3021.87 hectares
The property is located in the Interior Plateau area of South Central British Columbia, 25 kilometers northwest of Princeton.
Property Geology
The claims are underlain by rocks of the Alaskan-type Tulameen Mafic/Ultramafic Complex. The mafic and ultramafic rocks were emplaced into metasedimentary and intermediate metavolcanics rocks belonging to the Upper Triassic Nicola Group during a late Triassic deformational event. This volcanic assemblage evolved during the Late Triassic arc magmatism and these rocks are considered to be co-magmatic with the rocks of the Tulameen mafic-ultramafic suite.
Target Model
The target model is a Massive copper/nickel sulphide deposit with significant content of platinum, palladium and gold in mafic to ultramafic rock. Placer gold, platinum and palladium have been developed in the Tulameen River and tributaries draining the complex since the mid 1800’s. Bedrock showings of copper, nickel, gold, platinum have been discovered.
The Tulameen ultramafic complex is one of the only locales in southern BC that offers the potential of discovering a commercially viable nickel deposit such as those discovered in Voisey’s Bay, Labrador or Norillsk, Russia. This has been an area of exploration activity from major and junior companies. Therefore, the potential of making a discovery in this area is a realistic goal to have


Q1 2019 - Q3 2019
Complete IPO Work Program at Olivine Mountain Soil Sampling, Geophysical Survey Analysis, Mapping, Sampling Spot Drill Targets
Complete Drill Permitting for Phase 1
Q1 2019 - Q3 2019
Q4 2019
Phase 1 Drill program Completed
Q4 2019
H1 2020
Potential Phase 2 Drill program
H1 2020
Continually evaluate new opportunities to add shareholder value through Acquisition & Development of projects (North America Focus)