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Metals Fundamentals

Copper: Mine Production by Region

Copper Mine Production by Region, 1960 versus 2017

Thousand metric tonnes copper
Source: ICSG

From less than 750,000 tonnes copper in 1960, copper mine production in Latin America has increased to 8.4 million tonnes in 2017, representing 42% of the global total. Asia has also exhibited significant growth. The region’s share of global production has increased from just 6% to 17% over the respective period. Conversely, North America’s share declined from 36% to 13%.

Copper: World Refined Usage

World Refined Copper Usage, 1900‐2017

Thousand metric tonnes copper
Source: ICSG

Since 1900, apparent usage for refined copper has increased from less than 500 thousand tonnes to 23.8 million metric tonnes in 2017 as usage over the period grew by a compound annual growth rate of 3.4% per year.

Gold: Outlook

Gold Outlook Positive per World Gold Council
Gold safe haven at end of economic cycle; can benefit from increase equity market volatility; potential lower US dollar