Experienced Leadership

Our deal team has extensive experience across critical functions of successful resource deals:

  • deal structuring
  • sourcing and acquisition of assets
  • exploration and development of assets
  • capital raising
  • legal & regulatory
  • marketing and promotion

Superior Capital Structure

  • Management & Insiders Hold 35.8% of I/O Shares (4.205 million); 37.4% of F/D shares (5.305 million);
  • Voluntary Pooling of Privately Issued Shares;
  • All private shareholders escrowed shares for 36 months (in addition to standard TSXV policies)
    • Only 1,160,000 private shares issued pre-IPO held by non-insiders are free trading

Southwestern BC Focus: The Alwin Mine

  • January 2020: Obtained option to acquire 100% the historic Alwin Mine Project
  • Q1 2020: Data compilation, 3D modelling of Alwin Deposit, permitting for Summer 2020 Drill program


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Capital Structure
Issued & Outstanding Shares:
14.7 Million
Fully Diluted:
18.7 Million
Working Capital:
CAD $500,000
Market Capitalization:
CAD $3.2 Million
Enterprise Value:
CAD $2.7 Million
*All pre-IPO shares are subject to 36-month escrow release schedule;
  • 1.650 million non-insider pre-IPO shares remain escrowed;
  • Management & Insiders Hold ~30% of I/O Shares (4.2 million);
  • Free Float: 6.3 million shares (as at May 28, 2020);
Share Structure Detail
Basic Shares:
Broker Warrants:
20c Strike Price
20c Strike Price
20c Strike, Expiry November 4, 2021
Fully Diluted
As at February 4, 2020

Shareholder Value Creation Strategy


  • Recently acquired option to acquire 100% of Alwin Mine Project; option to earn 100% of the Olivine Mountain project
    • Acquire and develop precious and base metals projects in Southwestern BC


  • Focus on capital efficiency and risk mitigation:
    • Capital Efficiency:  carefully managing capital structure;
    • Focus on projects that can add near-term value to shareholders
  • Analyze potential acquisition on a Risk/Reward basis:
    • Opportunistic acquisitions
    • Target projects at appropriate stage for Public Exploration Vehicle

Macro Trends

  • Metals & Mining Capital Markets Improving
    • Late Economic Expansion : Investors seek exposure to precious and base metals;
    • Early Recovery: Base metals can benefit in re-stocking rally after recession;
    • Precious metals historically outperform as USD weakens at end of economic expansion;  during recovery Metals complex can outperform as currencies are debased to spur aggregate demand