Regional Location Map

3021.87-ha project is located in the Interior Plateau area of South-Central British Columbia, 25 kilometers northwest of Princeton near producing mines & recent major discoveries: (CURRENTLY OPTIONED TO FULL METAL MINERALS)

  • MAJOR PRODUCING MINE: Olivine Mountain Project is ~25km Northwest of Copper Mountain Mine (TSX:CMMC)
  • MAJOR RECENT DISCOVERY: Olivine Mountain Project is ~50km Southeast of Westhaven Ventures (TSXV:WHN) Shovelnose Project & Kodiak Copper’s (TSXV:KDK) MPD Project
  • PAST PRODUCER: Olivine Mountain Project is adjacent to Basin Coal Mine (Care & Maintenance)


The Olivine Mountain property covers part of the Tulameen Ultramafic Complex, a large slab of magnesium and iron-rich rock that ascended from near the base of the earth’s crust to its current position during continental collision and the emplacement of the Cache Creek terrane in southwestern British Columbia.


  • The Asp Showing: The Asp showing – reports 3.51% Copper and 11 ppm Silver over a sample width of 3.4 meters.
  • The Hop Showing: selected sample of high-grade Chalcopyrite Stringer assayed 23.0 g/t Gold, 89.5 g/t Silver and 7.49% Copper over 2 meters.

Reconnaissance Drilling Completed:

  • ASP 14 showings Zone: The showings are above a series of old machine trenches that extend for more than 400 m down the hill side from the logging road to Olivine Creek. The largest and most intense soil-copper anomaly in the 2018 GSP grid area extends northeastward toward the trenches. No modern exploration has been done in the area of the projected intersection of the soil anomaly and the trenches. It should be investigated.
  • Palladium Target Zone: There is an east-west trending structure that crosses the ultramafic-mafic rock boundary near the southeastern corner of the 2018 GSP Resource soil grid. That structure hosts the largest and most intense soil-palladium anomaly in the property area. Recommended work in that area includes: extension of the soil grid, mapping, trenching, and drilling.
  • The HOP showings Zone: are a porphyry copper-molybdenum target, located in the southeastern part of the property area. Scant work has been conducted on them in the past. They may constitute the best exploration target on the property and they should be investigated.